The Studio


Living Color Tattoo Studio was established in 2006 with the intent to change the negative connotations associated with tattooing and piercings. So, Peter Betrus and Khary Paradise opened Living Color Tattoo Studio.

We wanted a warm, friendly environment open to the customers without restrictions. We had noticed that all tattoo shops we had visited had “flash” artwork plastered on the walls and the waiting areas and the shops themselves were set in usually boring areas. The counter staff was less than friendly or very rude. The other shops also did not allow customers’ friends to accompany them into the tattooing area. Most of the tattoo shops were fairly clean and others, well. . .

We picked a central location in a part of Rochester that was acceptable for any customer base. Our studio is clean, we use a steam pot style autoclave and our sterilization area is visible to the customers. We also offer cable T.V. for your pleasure or for a friend you bring along with you. Our staff is always happy, friendly and willing to help you. No rock star attitudes here!

We cater to walk-in customers or are able to schedule an appointment. There is parking behind the building – the driveway directly to the right of Sinbad’s leads to a parking lot in the rear.